Shoestrings Bar & Restaurant 

Tasty food, ice cold drinks and a chilled vibe that attracts people from all walks of life!

Our scrumptious and affordable menu caters for all tastes, ranging from our vegetarian butternut & feta pizza to our tasty taco trio and our mouth watering peri-peri rotisserie chicken and much more. These all pair well with a fresh and ice cold drink served by our friendly bartenders!

Our wide range of seating options also means you can enjoy your meal or drink in comfort, wether it be in the garden at a picnic table, lounging on the sofa while you wait your turn for the pool table or simply warming your toes around the bonfire . As if all that isn't enough theres also the pool! Perfect for a refreshing dip or to keep the kids entertained while you relax and enjoy some much needed down time!